I am addicted to social media. In an attempt to escape it, I deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts. And though I have managed to stay off of Facebook for months, I had no such luck with Instagram. So I was back to spending at least an hour on Instagram in the mornings, doing absolutely nothing. And this wastage of precious morning time was reflecting on the rest of my day and I had been looking for ways to change things.

Recently, I painted with two of my friends in my house for the first time. And one of them told me about these pens she uses to doodle. So I immediately went and bought a whole packet of those pens from my favourite art supplies store, Art Station.

Then the next thing I needed were some techniques that I could work on. I turned to Google and found this amazing art tutorial YouTube Channel by Alphonso Dunn.


And now I am beating my Instagram addiction one line at a time. Thank you Rujuta!

Also, I have been going through the archives of one of my favourite artist Geninne Zlatkis’s art blog. Where she started, and where she has reached is very inspiring. In a way, going through her archives has compelled me to post my ultra-beginner attempts at calming, mindful drawing.


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